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Bride and Groom

Simple "I Do"

DON'T GET MARRIED IN A COURT HOUSE, I will come to your location and perform a simple wedding ceremony.
Service will be conducted with prearranged vows.
signing of Marriage License.
ceremony Duration: 7-10 minutes
Arrives 30 minutes early. Even though this is a small ceremony I allow the couple flexibility on how they want their ceremony to be.

Your place of choice  $150


I come to the venue you have reserved and perform a traditional ceremony to reflect the couple’s beliefs and express the love they share. Couple chooses prearranged vows along with adding readings and cultural/family traditions.
Ceremony Duration: 20-30 Minutes
Arrives 30 minutes prior to coach couple prior to start of ceremony.
Signing of Marriage License. Additional
$75 charge for one rehearsal

(if needed.) 

Your place of choice $350


Add Ceremony: Candle Lighting, Sand Mixing, Wine Mixing, Hand Binding or Jump The Broom             
Additional   $50

Legal Marriage License Signing

Meet up to sign your license without a ceremony

Your place of choice   $90

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